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Welcome To Gelaire

Gelaire is a specialised supplier of laminar airflow cabinets, precision air samplers and cleanroom test equipment.

Gelaire is committed to supporting Australian science, healthcare and high technology industry with supply of high quality equipment that embodies the latest technology. Fast-moving products are typically available ex stock and are supported Australia-wide by product specialists in major capitals who provide a high degree of technical assistance and advice on any application.

Gelaire Laminar Flow – high-technology biological safety cabinets, cytotoxic drug safety cabinets, laminar flow and powder containment cabinets and a wide range of fixed or Ergo-Lab electric height-adjustable stands.

Air Techniques International – the renowned range of specialised testing equipment for HEPA filters, media, filter cartridges, respirators, protective masks, safety cabinets and cleanrooms can be supplied within 14 days of order.

Gelaire Laminar Flow

Gelaire Laminar Flow

  • Horizontal laminar flow cabinets
  • Vertical laminar flow cabinets
  • PCR cabinets
  • Mini vertical laminar flow cabinets for Compounding Chemists

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Gelaire Biological Safety Cabinets

Gelaire biological & cytotoxic drug safety

  • Biological safety cabinets hinged window series
  • Biological safety cabinets electric sash series
  • Cytotoxic drug safety cabinet electric sash series
  • Powder containment cabinets for Compounding Chemists
  • Animal cage change safety cabinets
  • Special application cabinets

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